Loser of Local Fantasy Football League gets a Tattoo

Most Fantasy Football leagues require a cash buy-in to make the season more interesting, divvying out cash prizes at the end of the year to the winners. Over the last decade, some leagues made it more compelling to the team owners going as far as handing out last place prizes.

In a local Rockford league, “Sunday’s R 4 Da Boys,” the loser had to get a tattoo of the leagues choosing. 

And man was this one interesting…

On Sunday, February 26th, at around 7:30 pm, Rockford’s Jacob Starr was given this beauty at Delicious Ink in Rockford, IL. The tattoo artist got quite a kick out of it. 

Make sure to check out The Bears Grind this week for the second chapter of the “Roster Overhaul” series. 


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