Brian Hoyer Goes to the 49ers

Embed from Getty Images

The Bears expressed some interest in bringing Brian Hoyer back, but from the looks of it, the 31-year old free agent is headed to the 49ers on a 2-year deal, per Ian Rapoport.

Signing Hoyer means a reunion between him and his former coach, Kyle Shanahan, the newly hired Head Coach of the 49ers. Shanahan was the Offensive Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns in 2014 when Hoyer was the quarterback.

In the lone season they spent together, Hoyer started 13 games. He threw for 3,326 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. Not great numbers, but then again, nobody ever said Hoyer was great. 

Rapoport also reported that the 49ers brought in former Bills speedster wide receiver, Marquise Goodwin. I would expect them to use him in the role Taylor Gabriel played with the Falcons last year when Shanahan was the OC. 

The numbers of the Hoyer deal have yet to surface, but I wouldn’t expect the 49ers to pay him starting quarterback money. More than likely, Brian Hoyer will serve as a bridge quarterback to a rookie they’ll bring in this April, the same role he’d play had he stuck around in Chicago.


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