Bears Make Roster Cuts to Form the 53-Man Roster

Nothing is final, but at this point the Bears have a 53-man roster. Expect the Bears to pick up players cut around the league through the waiver wire as well as some potential trades.  For now, here is the 53-man roster: OFFENSE QB (3) Keep: Mike Glennon, Mitch Trubisky, Mark Sanchez Waive/Injured: Connor Shaw RB … Continue reading Bears Make Roster Cuts to Form the 53-Man Roster


Recapping the First Wave of Bears Free Agency

It's been almost a week since the league year started and rosters around the league are shaking up. The Bears have been very active during the first wave of free agency and although some fans are skeptical, myself included, there is always room for optimism. To this day, the team has added 8 free agents from … Continue reading Recapping the First Wave of Bears Free Agency

Starting Quarterback, Mike Glennon?

It appears the Bears intend on signing the former second round pick out of NC State to a long term deal.  Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that the Bears plan on paying Glennon roughly 45 million over 3 years to be the franchise quarterback. Nothing about this excites me and it shouldn't excite any … Continue reading Starting Quarterback, Mike Glennon?

Roster Overhaul: Quarterbacks

o·ver·haul- to take apart in order to examine and repair if necessary. In this 9 part series, each position group on the Chicago Bears roster will be broken down and evaluated to see where the biggest holes are and what changes can be made this offseason. Part 1: Quarterbacks(5) 1.Jay Cutler- Currently under contract through 2020, Cutler … Continue reading Roster Overhaul: Quarterbacks